8x10x10 stick frame room

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This website archives mutations of an 8ft x 10ft x 10ft wooden stick frame structure. The models can be downloaded and modified in any 3D modeling program, and submitted for archiving with the submit button.

All models submitted will be compiled into a publication when we reach 50 submissions, selected models will be 3D printed for exhibition in Baltimore MD. All participants will recieve a free copy of the resulting publication.

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This project started with my desire to build a temporary home to live in -- cheaply, and in accordance with an ecological worldview. I started thinking of this building in the same way I think of my skin: a permeable membrane continuously traversed by energy and materials. Any building is a breathing body, designed to regulate concentration gradients of substances and energies. The small, one room structure I set out to build was to be like the border of a country, or the edges of a coral reef. Indeterminate, continuously negociated by a multitude of living and non-living entities, and continually in flux.

I began building the stick frame thinking I'de allow the design to emerge through the process. I had ideas about alternative ways to enter and exit, hinged walls that would allow it to unfold and become an open workspace in the day time. I fantasized about walls populated with outward facing pores that would encourage birds and bats to nest in them. Thought of ways to pull air through underground piping systems to be cooled before entering the house through the floor. The process activated and excited me, and began to re-open mental models of myself and the city i live in.

After the second day of construction, I was approached by a concerned neighbor. She worried that in the event of a storm, my home would be ripped into pieces and flung into her house as high speed projectiles. I assured her it would be anchored to the ground, but my lack of credentials only excited her anxious fantasies. My home was not an engineering solution. I found a note on the backdoor the next day, politely informing me that she'd contacted some friends who are in the know. They informed her that I needed a building permit to continue. Reluctantly, I resigned; I'de have to go through a lengthy beurocratic process of certification and shell out some cash if I wanted to finish what I'de started. I called several officials in different government departments, getting a conflicting response from each about building codes and permit laws. I went to the Office of Permits & Building Inspections and found several packets outlining the permit proposals.

After making models, site plans, and materials lists, I went again to the Office of Permits and Building Inspections to make my case. This was surprisingly easy, they approved my plans quickly, I paid a fee, they printed a certificate. Unfortunately, a week later, when preparing for my first on-site inspection, I found a code that the Office of Permits had neglected when reviewing my site plans. The code stated that any shed in Baltimore City must be at least 5 feet away from property lines. Since the plot I'd built on was 10 feet wide, I now had enough space to build a 0ft. wide structure.

I decided, to place the membrane in limbo. By never declaring the construction process complete, I would evade the need to schedule site visits with city officials. I now had an 8ft. x 10ft. x 10ft. UO (unknown object). A template for critique, a novel social space, an un-specified architecture, an abused structure.

ABUSED STRUCTURES : reproductions and clones

The engineering mindset says yes or no. To each design problem, there is a most efficient solution. In defining efficiency, with the goal of mass producing products and environments to use in a diversity of spaces, engineering must construct a universal value system. A best world for all, a hierarchy that defines an endgoal, and designates what can be expended in the reductive process of maximizing gains. The process of engineering that grew out of the industrial revolution has produced technologies and materials that opened up new realms of making as well as new pathways for consumption. It's core principals (standardization, abstraction, and decoupling) allow for the simplification of designs to enable cheap and abundant products. Through the reductive nature of this process, the diversity and richness of forms is diminished, homogenizing and flattening terrains. The industrial revolution and the engineering mindset gave rise to, as artist and designer Daisy Ginsberg put it, "desirable uniformity and uniform desires."


Today's computational systems run off of Binary, a series of yes or no, 1 or 0 answers that in combination can create complex, yet inflexible and didactic phenomena. Triadic logic introduces a third answer, one which permeates all complex physical systems and is the driver of the evolutionary processes which have generated the incredible variety of biological forms on earth. This ingredient is noise, randomness, mutation, incoherance. MSP seeks to explore this third answer by exploring multiplicity.

Photos taken by Rivkah Khanin

8 x 10 x 10 stick frame room

an obelisk created by a helium filled pyrimidal weather balloon tied to a stick frame room

two opposing seating areas supported by triangular supports mounted on a stick frame room

a stick frame room balanced ontop of a pile of boulders

stick frame room with tarp curtain walls

the timber from the deconstructed shelter repurposed to build a small boat

structure to aid in crossing Israel/Palestine separation wall

portable garden with built in bike access and green walls

nomadic spider with many legs to mount irregular terrain

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